Britannia Good Day Surprise Pack Campaign Ft. Gautham Menon & RJ Balaji

2nd Aug 2021 | 5 Mins Read

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The Big Idea

The Acclaimed Britannia wanted to build awareness towards their variant Good Day Chocochip cookies. The brand wanted to pull off a campaign around a surprise pack with the Chocochip cookie in it that would reflect on the surprise and leave the consumers intrigued till its unveiling. The idea was to tickle the audience's interest by bringing in two contrasting personalities together and swap their signature characteristics with each other, thereby creating traction leading to the big reveal.

Getting into the depths of it

At Trendloud, we believe in bringing the invisible to light. We collaborated with Britannia to breathe life into the campaign idea and pull it off in the Tamil Nadu market. TrendLoud’s ever-enthusiastic team racked their brains to bring forth a bounty of celebrities with distinctive personalities, unique styles and most importantly, who could raise eyebrows exponentially around the campaign across the social platforms. TrendLoud’s expertise in the South Indian markets helped a lot in finding the right stars for the campaign. Having our target audience in mind, we finalized on the men who honed various roles in the entertainment industry, Director Gautham Menon and Actor/Director RJ Balaji, as our contrasting personalities and casting the duo played a major role in the success of the campaign.

Challenges Encountered

The major challenge that TrendLoud faced here was to boil down on the stars with distinct characteristics whom our audience were well aware of on & off-screen. It was challenging to zero down on the celebrity duos in a fresh and unexplored avatar. The initial list consisted of 20 pairs of contrasting celebrities from which we had shortlisted 5 celebrity pairs before finalizing on GVM & RJB.

The star pair has to take on each other’s personalities imitating their signature styles. Creating a seamless transformation for R J Balaji and Gautham Menon to impersonate each other and their respective mannerisms on sets was an interesting challenge.

Putting the pieces together

At the Shooting Spot, improvisations and suggestions from each of the artists were carefully managed to authentically capture the mannerisms and the distinctive styles of both of them to get the best possible outcome.

The deployment was carried out in 2 phases, Intrigue and Reveal.

  • Intrigue - To build the suspense over why the characters are being impersonated.
  • Reveal - Breaking the suspense in over a week, we released a video with both the celebrities where they break the surprise to the audience about the all-new Britannia Good Day’s Surprise Pack.


The Electrifying Ending

The celebrity duo sported a never seen before avatar for which an overwhelming response was garnered for the funny, happy and surprising role play.

The creatives shared in these phases raked in an impressive 2M+ views only from the Instagram and Facebook handles of both the celebrities.

There were organic reactions from other celebrities such as cricketer Ashwin, Vignesh Shivan, Vani Bhojan, Divyadarshini, Shraddha Srinath & Induja Ravichandran who had liked the videos shared by both the stars.

The engagement rate for the posts on an average was 4% more than the usual rate for both celebrities.

Atop this, the fans went crazy and were much fascinated by the whole video. Video clips, memes and much more interactions were received on the campaign across social media.

Brand Equity - India Times

Featured as one of the regional ads that performed best through a combination of popularity and promotion in H1'21 on the online video-sharing platform YouTube. Read more at Brand Equity - India Times.

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